Sunday, 31 January 2010

An Introduction

My name's Alex. I'm 17, very nearly 18 and my obsession with fashion goes far beyond just a penchant for shopping.

I spend pretty much every minute of every day on fashion, from trawling the internet and shopping on the high street, to sewing, drawing, designing and styling fashion/textiles. I also love art, music, photography and everything in between. I just thrive on being creative and making things, while always working hard to be better at what I do.

At the moment, I'm at college doing A-levels in Fine Art, Textiles and Business but I'm hoping to go to Northumbria University in September to do my dream degree in Fashion Design. My goal is to show my work at Graduate Fashion Week in 4 years time, so watch this space :)

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  1. Hey!

    First TY for comment :D Not know if you know this but 3 things...:

    I have those Topshop Boot Killa heels!! (Not that important but aren't they tresmaaze?!)

    I've also got an offer from Northumbria for fashion design in sept!

    And last...; you will never believe which college I'm currenty doing art fnd. at, and you have probably applied...Only Bradford! Small world huh?!

    Your blog is brill! Love your work, live your style. (P.S...I'm terrible at updating..)
    We may end up on the same course next year, that is if I don't get into somewhere closer to Landan.



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