Tuesday, 30 March 2010

More Stripes

These were yesterday's outfits but as I was pretty busy I didn't get chance to post them on here. This was the outfit I wore to college, I went for layers as the weather yesterday (as well as today, surprise surprise!) was really wet, cold and generally rubbish.  I wore my striped Warehouse dress with my denim shirt and leather jacket and the usual accessories.

Dress - Warehouse
Shirt - Topshop
Jacket - River Island

I also went out in the evening to see Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake for the second time and decided I felt like being a bit more glam, so I wore my lace shirt dress with my faux fur coat, and I even put on lipstick and everything!

Dress - Topshop
Coat - Vintage
Boots -Schuh
Bag - ASOS

I'm finding it slightly painful to look at these pictures as I got my hair cut today, and my hairdresser cut way too much off the ends and my fringe, so it's looking pretty poo right now :( I love him and he's been my hairdresser ever since I was like 2 years old but sometimes he gets way too enthusiastic with the scissors. So, I'm currently wishing I had yesterday's hair back, even though I had millions of split ends and my fringe was always in my eyes.

* Note! The pictures in this post were taken before I got my hair cut, so lovely long hair then, and now not so much! I think my post is all confusing on account of me being traumatised lol.


  1. i love your hair! i think it suits you, but i understand what it's like when you've got a haircut that you're not 100% happy with.
    love both of your jackets in these- my style is literally so similar to yours, i love mixing grungy layers up just like you have!
    thanks for the award too :)

  2. I was actually looking at you hair and thinking how beautiful it looked and then I read your post.

    I love both your outfits so much and the lace shirt dress is gorgeous. I also love all your necklaces in your first post. xoxo

  3. Another two gorgeous outfits! I love your fur coat!


  4. Just lurked through your blog, you have wonderful style babe! Definately what i like, and your stunning :)

    Love Aleisha xxx No Rock Without Plastic

  5. I love both of these outfits!
    Especially your necklaces on the first outfit + lace shirt in the second one :)


  6. both outfits are amazing - love them! you look gorgeous




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