Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Mum's Old Jumper

I felt like wearing something nice and cosy today so I decided on this jumper that my mum apparently wore when she was pregnant with my brother, which is just over 20 years ago now. I still think of me and my brother when I was like 5 and he was 8 and we were running around the house re-enacting Final Fantasy games or playing with Pokemon cards, so thinking about that feels a bit weird.
Anyway, I wore this with my bodycon skirt and this coat I got in the winter sale at Dorothy Perkins. It's like a cross between a girly trench coat and a biker jacket, which I just love along with the checked print, and the cute puff sleeves too.
Coat - Dorothy Perkins
Jumper - Mum's
Skirt - M&S
Necklace - ASOS
Bag - ASOS

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  1. Love your outfit - that jacket is amazing :)


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