Sunday, 14 March 2010

New Top

I finally got to wear my new Miss Selfridge top today. I really love it, the colour is just gorgeous and I love the oversized shape and the way it drapes. I wore it today with my high-waisted denim shorts and vintage blazer to give it more of grungey feel. I really wish I could wear my denim shorts more often, but I don't like to wear them to college or anywhere like that because I really don't have the best legs and I can get pretty self-conscious about it.
I wore this out today to go shopping in Leeds with my mum. We were on the hunt for a dress for my mum for the Parent Prom next weekend at my sister's school, where I assume all the parents get a bit tipsy and dance in an embarrassing way. My mum hardly ever wears dresses as she's also really self-conscious about her legs, so it's sometimes difficult to find something she feels comfortable in. Thankfully we found something perfect pretty much straight away, so today was quite productive, overall :)
Top - Miss Selfridge
Blazer - Vintage
Shorts - ASOS
 Bag - Max C
I took my photos outside today, as I felt like a bit of a change, and I think I prefer it. What do you think?

PS I just wanted to thank anyone who has been reading and commenting on my blog, it's a really lovely feeling reading your comments, or seeing that someone is following me on here, and I really appreciate it. So again, thanks :)


  1. Love This Outfit Its Gorgeous..Also I'm Liking The Pictures Outside..Keep Them Outside!! xx

  2. You look cute! :)

  3. love this look - great blazer xxx

  4. Amazing outfit! I love your style!

    I just came across your blog!

    I am following!

  5. found you via chictopia and im so glad i did, you have awesome style!!


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