Tuesday, 23 March 2010

One of Those Days

It took me ages to come up with something to wear today. I don't like how confusing the weather is right now, one minute the sun's out, the next it's chucking it down. I want to start wearing more spring/summer stuff, pastels, ruffles, florals and so on, but I just automatically steer towards dark colours when the sky is grey. Anway I finally came up with this outfit, which is my Topshop lace shirt dress that I've tucked into my bodycon skirt and layered with my grey blazer.
Blazer - Miss Selfridge
Top - Topshop
Skirt - M&S
Bag - ASOS
I got a remote for my camera today so I've been trying that out, also while me and my dad were at the shop we had a look at a couple of digital SLR's, as I'm hopefully getting one from my parents on completion of my A-Levels. I think I like the look of the Nikon D5000 as it's slightly more affordable, we were looking at an £800 one but I think that's perhaps a bit excessive!


  1. love the lace top, it looks great!!


  2. Amazing blog! I really like your style :)
    Love the lace top and the blazer!



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