Friday, 26 March 2010

Vintage Lace

Today's outfit consists of a cream lace shirt that was actually my mums from 10-15 years ago, I think, along with this mink coloured jersey skirt I got on ASOS last year for like £5. I've only worn this skirt once before when I was on holiday last year so I thought I should really give it another go, considering the colour is actually really appropriate for this season.

Today was another ordinary sort of day, college and so on, although it was funny when my older brother, who's currently back from uni, picked me up from college in his "slammed" VW Corrado from about 1990 that currently has day-glo orange wheels. My dad and brother are huuuge car nerds and they have this massive obsession with old VW's, and as I've grown up with it, it's unfortunately kind of rubbed off on me and I sometimes find myself actually having conversations with them about cars. It's terrible, I know.
Blazer - Vintage
Top - Vintage (Mum's)
Skirt - ASOS
Belt - Urban Outfitters

Thought I'd share that I'm listening to Metallica at the moment. I've always been a bit of rock chick at heart but I have phases where I only listen to classical music or like Tori Amos, but right now I'm very much back into the heavier end of things. At the moment though, it's this ridiculously hilarious bootleg of studio jams they did around 12/13 years ago where they're playing random covers really badly with silly vocals along with lots of discussion about gin. Anyway I'm sure that's of no interest to most of you haha, I just find that that sort of thing really makes me smile :)

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