Saturday, 3 April 2010

Back from London & My Luella Bag!

I got back from my London trip yesterday. It was my 18th birthday on Thursday, so I am now officially an adult. Yay! I am currently writing this post on a brand new laptop, one of my presents from my mum and dad :) Just thought I'd do a quick post on here to test it out! Anyway we did some shopping (I'll post about purchases and so on soon) as well as a visit to the V&A where I got some sneaky photos, mainly for my A-Level Textiles project though, as well as nice meals out and generally having a laugh with the family :)

On the way down to London we stopped off at Bicester Shopping Village where, on arrival, I spotted Erin O'Connor doing a bit of sneaky bargain hunting, which was a bit cool! I then went in the British Designers Collective boutique, which was so amazing, I was pretty much drooling over all the stuff by Hannah Marshall and various dresses by Emma Cook. I would have loved to have taken pictures in there, but the shop assistants were a bit scary and I was too afraid to ask! Once I'd had a good look round at all that, I then went into the Luella store where pretty much all of the S/S 09 collection was up to 70% off, and saw this at £150 down from £550 so I had to have it. I did have to make a deal with my mum though, which was that if I gave up my allowance for the next two months, she'd get it for me. That seemed like a small price to pay though for such a lovely Luella piece.
Even the label is adorable!


  1. I so need to get to Bichester Village. I cant believe the prce of your Luella bag and it is gorgeous.

    Happy belated 18th Birthday xoxo

  2. stunning bag hunny,
    Happy 18th Birthday !!!



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