Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Current Fine Art Project

Ok, so here is some of my work from my fourth (and final!) unit in Fine Art. The brief is about identity and how artists alter and distort appearances and surroundings in portraiture. We were given examples of artists to look at like Frida Kahlo and Francis Bacon, but if I'm honest, I'm not a huge fan fan of the more traditional side of art. As much as I appreciate the work of these sort of artists, I really prefer looking at more modern work, I think I just relate to it more.

These are some copies I've done of the work of an artist called Rachel Goodyear. I seriously love her work, it's really beautiful yet dark and twisted at the same time.

This is another copy of a piece by an artist called Rachel Cattle. She's another artist who does small-scale drawings, I love her use of line to create texture.
Another copy, this time it's in watercolour and is a copy of a piece by an artist called Amy Ross. She does these amazing watercolour paintings of human bodies with bird and wolf heads surrounded by birch trees. She also does these really cute collages of mushrooms with legs and animal heads sticking out of them.

And finally, here's a drawing and a watercolour study I did using my own photography. I've taken a load of  self-portrait shots and I'm going to combine these with drawings of animals and objects and things like that.

Sorry that the images are a bit dark, the drawings look much better in decent lighting and my work will get a lot better once I've developed it further.

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