Wednesday, 14 April 2010

If Only...

I am so in love with these Topshop wedges. The first pair are £90 and the second pair are £135. To be honest I could afford to get one of these, but if I do I'll end up with very little money left to go towards my holiday this summer and I also need to save for uni. So it's probably a bad idea. But still, look at how gorgeous they are!

P.S. Oh and, concerning my previous post, I decided to buy the brogues because, as Giselle at Style of a Fashionista rightly pointed out, I would just end up regretting not buying them, but as soon as I went through to checkout they sold out! Boo! That'll teach me to be so bloody indecisive!


  1. Sorry to hear about the brogues my mum has this saying snooze you loose and this has happened to me so many times. I always think it is fate was not meant to be maybe there will be a better pair sitting somewhere waiting for you to buy them.

    How did you get these Topshop pictures I only ever get thumbnail size ones it stops me posting about Topshop items? xoxo

  2. i love these! ive been lusting after the first pair in taupe colour! gorgeous, but very pricey :(


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