Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Neutral Layers

This was yesterday's outfit, I wore my new parka as well as this Topshop slip dress I got from my parents for my birthday. My mum knew I really liked it so she'd trawled through quite a few Topshop's to find it! I layered it with a brown cardigan that's just been sitting in my wardrobe for about 2 years now that I've barely worn. I thought the different shades of cream, brown and khaki worked really well together.

I think this parka will be an ideal cover-up for when I go to Leeds Festival this summer, as it wasn't too expensive and I think it will suit a muddy, drunken festival a lot better than a £65 one from Topshop! I was a bit miffed when I found out the line-up for Leeds and Reading this year, some year's it's been really good with bands like Metallica and Rage Against The Machine or Kings Of Leon, but whenever there has been a good line-up I've never been able to go for the whole weekend. So I finally get a weekend ticket and the line-up is really pretty poor. Out of the headliners, I'd only really go see Guns N' Roses, mainly for the amusement factor though. They were an okay band once upon a time, but now it's basically just Axl Rose prancing about being a great big diva, which, although funny, doesn't exactly make great live music. I probably should be going to Download Festival this year, as they've got the likes of AC/DC and Aerosmith and it's generally a better festival but the friends aren't into that sort of music, so Leeds it is!

Dress - Topshop
Cardi - Dorothy Perkins
Parka - New Look
Necklace - Topshop

Oh, and I also thought I'd show you the watch I got for my birthday from my parents. It's Marc by Marc Jacobs and I love it because it's more of a cuff than a watch and it goes with all my jewellery really well.


  1. Gorgeous outfit love the parka with the cute girly slip dress. Love your watch too great birthday present.

    I am still inspired by your black maxi dress I tried one yesterday but I ran out of time so I am hoping it is still there tomorrow. xoxo

  2. I absolutely love that watch! I'm such a sucker for gold on black.

  3. Gorgeous outfit! I've had my eye on that slip dress for a while now! xx

  4. you know i love layers!! this outfit is perfect and your hair looks so gorgeous. lovely pics :)

  5. great outfit posts, love your style :)

  6. Great parka hunny,
    Im doing V fest this year, & CANNNNNT wait lol


  7. you look amazing- i dieee over that watch.. gorgeous!


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