Saturday, 17 April 2010

New Outfit Post!

I actually wore something other than leggings and a hoody today! I've managed to get a reasonable amount of art and textiles done this week, but I've still got plenty more to do unfortunately :( Once I've got more done I'll try to post some of it on here.

Anyway,  I decided to wear this Topshop floral dress today layered with my new Vero Moda jumper to give the floral print a bit more of an edge. I'd ordered a load of new jewellery from ASOS the other day which I got this morning so I piled all that on as well. I actually felt a bit overdressed today, as it was all nice and sunny and it seemed that most of England got out their shorts and flip-flops, while I'm still in my 120 denier tights and boots. I just can't bring myself to dress all summery for some reason. It's still only April, it just doesn't seem right!

Dress - Topshop
Jumper - Vero Moda
Boots - Urban Outfitters
Necklaces - ASOS, Topshop

P.S. I have just reached my 50th post! Just thought I'd say thank you again to everyone who's following and commenting on here, it's really great being a part (even though it's a very tiny and insignificant part) of the fashion blogosphere and I really love reading everyone's comments along with having a good nosey at your blogs too :)


  1. I dont get the whole the sun is out quick put on shorts and flip flop thing that the English do.

    You are dressed so right for this time of year the sun does not = heat. Love the chunky jumper teamed with the floral dress fabulous outfit xoxo

  2. I love this outfit - every part of it!

    I'm still in my tights as well - the sun may be shining, but it's just not bare legs weather I'm afraid!

    This is random, but you really remind me of someone, but I totally can't put my finger on who.. It'll come to me, one day!

    Oh & btw, I've ordered a load of asos jewellery the other night too - can't wait for it all to arrive :)

  3. Another lovely outfit. I'm still the same, tights and boots all the way until it's blistering heat!


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