Sunday, 18 April 2010

Yesterday's Outfit & Meet Pebble and Sky!

It was another nice day yesterday so I got out of the house and enjoyed the sunshine. I'm glad I did as it's back to being dull  and grey today. I went to a vintage shop called Lucy and the Caterpillar in Hebden Bridge, which I've visited a few times, and had a look around. There were a few nice fur coats but at £40-£50 were really much too expensive for what they were. And it also seemed a bit pointless to buy one now considering I wouldn't get chance to wear it for quite a few months. Other than that I didn't really see anything I liked, which was a shame as I had a bit of cash to spend and I would have liked to have picked something up.

Anyway I wore my Topshop midi dress as well as this denim shirt I got from Miss Selfridge last year. I wore this so much last year and decided I should start wearing it again, now the weather's improving. I wore it practically every day as a cover up while I was on holiday last year, which somehow made it go a bit yellow, but it's not too noticeable. My sister took these pictures for me so there are quite a few very unattractive outtakes of me laughing as well as "gesturing" at my older brother, that will hopefully never see the light of day!

Dress - Topshop
Shirt - Miss Selfridge
Bag - ASOS
Belt - Urban Outfitters

I also got some photos of my gorgeous bunny rabbits yesterday as well. They were out in their run in the garden having a lovely time. So here is Pebble (on the left) and Sky (on the right)!

I am completely ridiculous about my bunnies, they are just so cute and do such funny things sometimes. I practically treat them like they are my children!


  1. Love the picture of you and your cute rabbit this such a stunning picture of you.

    The Miss S shirt is awesome I can see why you lived in it last year xoxo

  2. The outfit is amazing and what cute rabbits :) xx


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