Sunday, 25 April 2010

Yesterday's Outfit

I did some shopping in Leeds yesterday and ended up going again today as well, because while driving past the City Hall yesterday I saw the sign saying the Vintage Fashion Fair was on today, so I've ended up going into Leeds two days in a row, which meant that most of this weekend has been taken up with shopping, rather than doing coursework, but I got some nice things at least :) I mainly did Topshop sale shopping yesterday and I got my hands on a couple of things. I got one of the Alexander Wang style jersey/chino combination jackets for £20 and a pair of wet look leggings for £5 and today at the vintage fair I got a Levi's denim sleeveless jacket for £12 and a pastel checked shirt for £10.

Anyway the weather was well good yesterday, lovely and sunny and almost 20 degrees, so I wore my new River Island maxi skirt with, believe it or not, bare legs and gladiator sandals! It's been so long since I wore a skirt without tights so it felt a bit weird but as it was a maxi I wasn't particularly flashing my legs, so it wasn't too bad. I basically don't plan on wearing anything shorter than midi length with bare legs until I've either a) lost loads of weight or b) got a tan, because I'm way too self-conscious about my legs at the moment to get them out fully.

Skirt - River Island
Vest - Topshop
Jacket - Topshop
Sandals - Barratts
Bag - Luella

I also thought I'd show you the jacket I got yesterday from Topshop too. I think it looks quite good paired with this outfit, what do you think?

My sister was taking these pictures and she kindly caught me with my cup of tea, check out my mega cool Bratz mug. I don't even like Bratz, they creep me out, but I got this in an easter egg a year or two ago from my Grandma, she's Italian and never learnt to read so basically had no idea what she was buying, so I'll let her off haha.


  1. Love this outfit! It works surprisingly well together.

  2. You look amazing the maxi skirt is stunning on you and you are right about the Topshop jacket it goes really well with the skirt. xoxo


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