Sunday, 23 May 2010

Hello Summer!

Well, these past few days have been pretty impressive heat-wise. It feels like being in Spain or Southern Italy or something, which is a bit good. This outfit was from yesterday, I didn't manage to post last night as I was tired again after a busy day sunbathing, shopping in Leeds and having a barbeque!

So, in honour of the heat, I wore my ASOS midi dress layered with my sheer gingham blouse that I knotted at the waist (again!) as well as the usual accessories and (shock, horror) no tights! I also went as far as painting my toe nails, which is something I never do mainly through laziness, but also because I never really show off my feet. The only nail varnish I had was some from my Year 11 prom (which was 2 years ago), so I had to use that. It's kind of a browny-pinkish colour and has actually lasted pretty well. Anyway I've decided that I should really invest in a few nice nail varnishes in pretty pastel colours, as it might encourage me to use them a bit more. Any suggestions of ones that are nice and easy to use but also relatively cheap please let me know!

Dress - ASOS
 Top - Urban Outfitters
Sandals - Barratts

Also while I was shopping in Leeds I popped into TK Maxx as I always like to rummage through and find the designer pieces, although I was kind of disappointed that all the main designer items were on a marked rack at the front of the shop which spoils the fun of finding them if you ask me, BUT I did come across something pretty impressive in the bag section.

It's a Luella bag! So I got all excited at the idea of a cheap Luella bag and then I looked at the tag...

So yeah, its a £6000 genuine crocodile skin bag (there were actually 2 in stock as well) in TK Maxx for £871! If anyone suddenly finds they have £871 to spare, you know where to go!


  1. oh man, it's too hot in england. I can't cope - might need to go sit in front of an open freezer. xx

  2. That bag is a beauty.

    Fab outfit. Barry M nail varnishes are good and affordable. I am wearing black at the moment they had a great copy of the Chanel green one last year too.

    Enjoy your evening xoxo

  3. i am LOVING the weather and your outfit...i love all these knotted shirts your wearing :)

    i am a nail polish queen! ok so super cheap at £1.70 is collection 2000 'hot looks' collection...i use colours dynasty, button moon and wham, they're gorgeous! and as for more pastel type colours 17 'candy collection' are amazing. barry M's ice-cream purple is a really lovely colour too! models own in jade stone is pretty similiar to the chanel jade one and only a fiver! hope that helps :)

  4. Definately Barry M Nail Polishes Hun..Think Superdrug Are Still Doing 2 For £5's Aswell!! xx

  5. seconding or thirding Barry M! love the gingham knot too, very inspiring. love, elle x



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