Friday, 25 June 2010

Art and Textiles Exhibition

Sorry for not having posted this week, like I said in my last post I have been soooo busy these past few days and now I've finally had chance to have a bit of a rest! My exams are now OVER and I've also got the fashion show and exhibition out of the way so I now have the whole of summer to myself! Finally!

Anyway last night was my Art and Textiles exhibition and although I had a bit of a shit time I've got some pictures to show you all anyway. Most normal people would probably feel quite pleased and proud of themselves for finishing their A-Levels and having their work shown but I just felt like it was a real anti-climax after the ridiculous amount of work I've put in over the past two years. Having said that I was very happy to leave and I actually can't wait to get to uni now and show everyone who didn't think I'd be able to do it just how successful I can be!

Right, so below are pictures from my Textiles exhibition, it took me and my dad HOURS to put up because I kept having to swap everything around but I still wasnt happy with it, but that's the curse of being a perfectionist I guess!

Sketchbook, photos and sample from my Rodarte inspired project:

Sketchbook, sample and photos from my Sculptural Fashion project:

I forgot to take pictures of my actual garments which was a bit stupid but you can kind of see my sculptural one on the left of the picture that I'm in. The photos of me in my dresses aren't very clear as I missed the session when we had one of the photography students took pictures for us so I had to get the art technician to do them for me. She did a good job but we didn't have very much time so they didn't come out as well as I would have liked :( Also my sculptural dress had kind of fallen apart when it was taken off the mannequin and I didn't have time to fix it so it ended up looking even more shit haha!

And below is my Art exhibition, this one was a lot easier to put up as I had a whole board, rather than just half a board that we got in Textiles. I'm a lot happier with this one because it just works better as a whole.

Final piece series (framed), photos and sketchbook (below right) from my Identity project:

Again my sketchbook from the Identity project:

Final piece series underneath sketchbook for my Expression and Journal project:

I'm wearing:
Dress - Topshop
Jacket - Vintage
Sandals - Urban Outfitters
Fake Tan - L'Oreal!!!

So there you go a whole years work on a couple of boards! Anyway I was going to get pictures from my Fashion Show that was on Wednesday night but my camera ran out of battery! Boo! But my dad filmed me coming down the catwalk on his phone so once I can nick his phone and upload the videos somewhere I'll post them here for you to watch if you want to!

P.S. Just wanted to say thank you SO much to all of you for following and commenting on here, it really makes my day when I read all of your lovely comments particularly if I'm having a rubbish day so it really makes me feel a lot better! And also thank you for sticking around while I haven't been able to post very much, now I have a LOT of free time on my hands I'm going to make sure I post as much as possible, so stay tuned!!! :)

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