Sunday, 20 June 2010

Today's Outfit: Barbeque Time!

I went to a barbeque today, not a particularly cool or trendy one mind you, as it was for a charity that my parents are involved in and a lot of the people there are middle-aged and kind of pompous (its a medical charity, so a lot of them are quite privileged, wealthy GP's and Consultants and although my dad is also a GP, he's really not one of the particularly wealthy or privileged ones) but, to be fair, there are some very nice people there too so I ended up having a really nice time in the end. And anyway it was a choice between the barbeque with nice food and sunshine or stay at home on my own and attempt to revise, so yeah not particularly a difficult decision really!

Anyway as I got ready quite quickly I went for something reasonably simple, just a super girly floral sun dress and my denim sleeveless jacket with my usual opaque tights, boots and other accessories, although I did go for a different bag which is just one of those cross-body quilted ones that everyone seems to have so I try not to wear it too much really anymore, but I only really needed a little bag and I thought it would work with how I'd sort of toughened-up the really girly floral dress with denim and black accessories.

Dress - ASOS
Jacket - Vintage
Belt - Urban Outfitters
Bag - ASOS

Also just thought I'd let you all know that I'm going to have a pretty busy week next week, as I've got to put up my art and textiles exhibitions tomorrow, as well as revise for my (last!!!) exam on Tuesday morning which will then be followed by rehearsals for the Fashion Show we're doing for textiles. Then the actual Fashion Show itself is on Wednesday night with rehearsals again all day for that, while my art and textiles exhibitions are then on Thursday night! So, yeah, I'm gonna be a bit busy! However I will try to post as much as I can with photos from the Fashion Show and exhibition through the week, but I'll just have to see what I can fit in!


  1. I really like your outfit, and good luck in your exam :) xx

  2. I always love denim vests over floral dresses!
    Good luck with all the obligations!!

  3. This outfit looks great, perfect for a barbeque. I love the denim vest, I really need to get one for myself!
    Good luck with everything going on this week!

  4. I'm in love with your perfect dress fros Asos !


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