Sunday, 13 June 2010

Yesterday's Day Out (Warning: Lots of Pictures!)

As it was a lovely day yesterday my mum, dad, sister and I went out for the day to Bolton Abbey in the Yorkshire Dales. It's this lovely ruined old abbey next to the river Wharfe with lots of lovely long walks, amidst some really beautiful scenery. If I'm honest we went out so that we could try to avoid the whole World Cup thing that was going on yesterday, although inevitably we couldn't avoid it altogether because of all the England flags and t-shirts and all the various pubs showing it on the TV. One pub we went to was having a wedding reception where they were all watching the football on an absolutely massive screen during the reception, which I thought was actually really awful! When I get married, I can't imagine the idea of everyone being more interested in the football than what's supposed to be like one of "the happiest days of your life" but I suppose its all down to personal preference really? What do you think?

Anyway we had such a nice day and we took quite a few pictures so I thought I'd show you some of them! First of all we went to this lovely little tea room and had a cup of tea and some cake before we set off round the abbey.

Me and my sister had this amaaazing dark chocolate cake with clotted cream, which was ridiculously yummy!

Then we went off for a walk next to the river and my dad and sister ended up being very chilidish and started skimming stones hah!

My mum and sister

I'm wearing:
Playsuit - Topshop
Jacket - Topshop

Anna's wearing:
Top - Topshop
Cardi - H&M
Jeans - Matalan

We then went round the abbey and the church which was again really beautiful, and we also had a walk through the graveyard too.

And here's me and my sister crossing the stepping stones in the river. Look at my pathetically girly attempt at keeping my balance haha!

It was actually really a bit scary going across the stepping stones because the water was really quite deep once you got to the middle and the stones were actually quite far apart! It also didn't help that there was a random man at the other side filming us asking one of us to please fall in to make his video more interesting!! HA! No thanks! But on a serious note a little boy had actually died in this river only around a week ago when he'd got sucked in by the currents, so it was really sad to see all the flowers left near where he'd died. You might have heard it in the news, those of you in the UK maybe?

Anyway on a much, much lighter note, look at what the cows were doing! They all wandered over to have a drink from the river, it was just soo cute!

This cow was just like "Oi! Bugger off, I'm trying to have a drink here!" Haha!

Oh and also baby birds! Eeeeeee so cute!!

Then the last place we went to was this place called "the strid". It's where the river goes through this really narrow point and apparently it's actually 30 feet deep at this point when it's only about 4 feet wide! Now that scares me, and apparently people have died trying to jump across it? You have got to be completely insane to do such a thing!

Just look at how black that water is!!

So yeah, that was basically my day out! A nice walk, some nice food, and being scared of very deep water! What have you all been doing now that the weather is nicer? I definitely recommend that you visit somewhere local to you like a castle or an abbey because it really is a lovely day out when the weather's nice!

P.S. Wow this post is reeeeally long! I had such a good day and there were so many nice photos to share though, so I'm very sorry if some of them don't show up or the sheer volume of them crashes someones computer! Again very sorry!!!! :)


  1. Wow amazing place so much to see. The Abbey is stunning so much history you all looked like you had the most fantastic day that cake looks so yummy.
    I cant stand footbal and I cant even begin to tell you how many England tees I saw yestrday.
    Great post thanks for sharing xoxo

  2. Great pics, love the outfit!! I soooo want to go across those stepping stones ;) x

  3. I love how you and Anna are both working the floral look into your outfits in unique ways.

  4. Nice documentation of a lovely little day out. That cake with the clotted cream looks ridiculously delicious. I can almost taste it!

  5. you and your sister look really great! nice to see personal style running in the family! mine cant dress themselves to save their lives! i really love your booots!

  6. Looks like you had a lovely day - you certainly have some beautiful pictures :)

    My favourites are the first one of the graveyard, & the first one of the cows drinking - gorgeous.

    Love your outfit too - that playsuit is great. I've quite recently become a fan of playsuits & I love the colours in yours.

  7. these photos are wonderful! looks like an amazing place indeed! those stepping stones look insane, no wonder they were a bit scary.

    thank you for your comment on chictopia! i like your blog and now following!

    please visit me ..... follow me?!

    x Your Only Blackswan

  8. Looks like you all had a lovely day, great pictures!
    I totally agree with you about the football, I could think of nothing worse than being made to watch football at my wedding haha.
    Love your playsuit with the denim jacket, cute outfit :)

  9. i dont mind the lengthy post.. i think it's awesome that you get to share with us this trip!! you and sister are so fashionable i love the florals in your outfits!! so chic! :D

    Animated Confessions

  10. Yeah, you have a blog..why didn't I see the link on chictopia before??
    OMG..watching the match during a wedding's unbelievable. It's awful like you said...esp for the bride (if she isn't into football) or the other guests that don't wanna watch!
    I looove this pics, really, they are so beautiful. And I also like your outfit, but I've said this on chictopia before, hehe.


  11. And oohh, I'm a follower on bloglovin now :)

  12. beautiful photos! im now following you <3


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