Sunday, 27 June 2010

Yesterday's Outfit: Photo's in the Dark!

I went to the theatre last night to watch my sister in a dance show. It felt a bit weird to be sat in the audience watching it as pretty much every year I've taken part, for like 10 years, but I couldn't this year as it would be right in the middle of  my A-Levels and I wouldn't be able to do all the rehearsals, so I had to just leave it this year.

Anyway I decided to wear my Topshop slip dress and vintage blazer, so I felt a bit more dressed up but I didn't have time to take pictures early on in the day so I had to do them when I got back when it was dark.

Dress - Topshop
Blazer - Vintage
Bag - ASOS
Sandals - Barratts

At the moment I am trying to win a pair of Topshop wedges on ebay, although its unlikely that I will actually win them because I've never actually managed to win an item on ebay ever before, but heres to hoping! Do any of you have any tips or hints on how to win items on ebay? 


  1. Ooooooh what a perfect outfit!Really,love it!

  2. Hi Alex,
    Lovely outfit, as always.

    Few tips I can give you are:
    Try look for items that finish mid week - less people looking on ebay, than weekends. so usually better bargains.

    Ask the seller for buy it now price, you never know, & if you do do this always but a lower bid than what youd want to pay. i.e if you would pay £20, ask if theyd take £10, be cheeky.

    if you find a good seller - go back to them.

    Hope that helps a little.



  3. Love your outfit, especially those sandals!
    As for winnig ebay auctions: I've won some before, but not that many...I usually make the seller a buy it now offer, which works sometimes :D

    Love, Diana
    Songs and Fairy Tales

  4. Wait until the last five minutes before you start bidding for the item. Love your outfit


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