Sunday, 18 July 2010

Outfit Post: Lace and Denim

I have decided that I should probably apologise for wearing this denim gilet so bloody much recently, I imagine it must get really boring seeing it in practically every post, but it just seems to work with everything I pair it with, so here it is again! I wore it with my lace shirt dress and got the tights and boots back out, as those of you in the UK will know, the weather has gone a bit downhill recently and I didn't feel like going for bare legs today.

Anyway I wore this to go shopping today as I had quite a few things to get in preparation for my holiday such as toiletries and make-up and also had another look round the sales and actually found a nice pair of floral shorts in the Next sale for £10. I usually don't go for much of the stuff in Next, which I think is mainly due to my stint working there last Christmas and getting so tired of looking at all the clothes so I just can't stand the sight of anymore floral smock tops or glitzy tunics, but these shorts are actually a really nice shape and print so I thought, why not?

Oh and I also got a new phone today! It's the HTC Wildfire and although I am yet to play with it, as it is currently on charge, I am very excited at the prospect of having a lovely new phone that is not scratched and old and battered to play with!

Dress - Topshop
Gilet - Vintage
Bag - ASOS
Boots - Urban Outfitters
Necklaces - Topshop, ASOS


  1. I love your dress and necklaces! :)

  2. Love all those necklaces they go so well with the dress and the boots.

    Great blog, keep it up i am a new follower x

  3. Pfft, don't apologise - this gilet rocks! You're right, it can be paired with so many other things to make so many different outfits. But I really like it with this lace dress - it toughens up a really girly frock, & I love the jewellery you've put it together with. Fab outfit!

  4. love love love the lace!!!

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