Sunday, 11 July 2010

Yesterday's Day Out: The Forbidden Corner

Here's another "day out" post! Yesterday we went to this place in North Yorkshire called The Forbidden Corner which is basically like this mad, random adventure park in this great big garden. There are all these underground passages and mazes and sculptures and you have to work out riddles to get round, or you'll very easily get lost! It can be a bit cheesy in places but as long as you're up for a laugh it really is a lot of fun. I used to go quite a lot when I was younger and it was like this sort of hidden gem that only a few people had heard of back then, but since then its got a lot more popular and has won quite a few awards so its been developed a bit and has become really busy!

This is one of the little garden areas that you first arrive in where there are all these different paths leading away to different places, and because of the time of year all the flowers were out and it was so pretty!

I'd decided to wear my new floral shorts that I'd shown you in one of my previous posts, I thought they'd be ideal for the warm weather and also practical for navigating through woodland and various underground passages and so on. I just paired it with an oversized black tee and my denim gilet along with my usual accessories. I really need to stop wearing this denim gilet so much, it's probably getting really boring seeing it in pretty much all of my posts,  but it just goes with everything and is a perfect layering piece when its warm!

Jacket - Vintage
Tee - ASOS
Shorts - Dorothy Perkins
Sandals - Urban Outfitters

This was one of the first weird riddle things you come to. Can you see the creepy little devil fish monster thingy?

One of the paths that leads off from the central garden bit had a little boy statue that squirted water at you when you walked past, so cue me, my mum and my sister trying to run past without getting wet!

Me and my mum:

And then we went down this long path through some trees where there were some random wooden warthog sculpture things that my sister and I sat on and did silly poses on :)

Urghh my legs look like tree trunks here ha!

Anna's wearing:
Dress - Topshop
Cardi - H&M
Sunglasses -H&M

The path then leads down to a little viewing platform where you can see all the deer in a nearby field. Mr. Stag was being very lazy!

And then we managed to find the bit involving stepping stones and more danger of getting wet! There seems to be a bit of a trend developing for stepping stones on my blog weirdly, its just turned out the past couple of places I've visited have involved stepping stones in one way or another, it's not intended!

Anyway, you've got to cross the stepping stones to get to a passage that goes underground but I'd unfortunately completely forgotten about the fountain thing that sets off right in your face when you step on one of the stones, as you can kinda see in the photo below. It actually took us ages to work out how to get past without getting wet, and in the end me, my mum and my sister had to use umbrellas to protect ourselves while the people behind us got past without any problems because my dad was blocking the sensor!!! And then they were all smug about it as well!

And these are our grumpy faces after getting wet!

So then you go through a sort of Dante's Inferno style corridor and then a stone corridor where there's this huuuge statue that's eyes open and close, which is a bit creepy to say the least!

And then you reach this big circular room, with a devil statue in the middle and there are all these different doors leading off from the room, but you can only get out through one of them! What you can also do though is hide behind one of doors that doesn't lead anywhere and jump out at random strangers when they open it and scare them half to death, which my dad actually did when we came here last! I know it's soooo cruel, but its really funny!

Then once you've found the right door you're led down another path where you have to go through this creepy face door thing where you come to yet another circular room with loads of doors but this ones smaller and moving as well!

Then once you've found the right door here you can either leave and get out into the open or go even further underground where they've got all these cute little scenarios with model rats and then this little theatre thing where the rats are being chased by a cat! It sounds cheesy but its actually sort of scary haha, especially when you're a kid!

Anyway once we were out from underground we went for another wander round and found a few more daft things, this time some wooden bears playing poker:

Then the last thing we found was this giant tree sculpture and my sister and I pretended to try and lift the giant axe. Wow, we are so cool!

So as you can see we had a pretty good time and the countryside there is really gorgeous, definitely worth a visit if you're ever anywhere near!


  1. I love your shorts! Very summery. & they go so well with the denim waistcoat & the plain black top. Ace look.

  2. What a lovely place! It's great that you're doing so many things "as a family", not quite usual these days!
    And I love your shorts and bag!

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  3. i'm diggin your outfit! a nice denim vest always spices up an outfit.

    do send me some crazy love over at :)


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