Wednesday, 18 August 2010

counting down

This is what I wore yesterday. My mum, sister and I went shopping and we ended up spending a lot more money than planned! We started out in a shop called Joy and I got an oversized grey hoodie on sale for £13.50 ready for Leeds Fest and my sister got this super gorgeous draped floral dress, which I am very jealous of! At the moment Joy also have this offer on where, when you spend more than £75, you get a free maxi dress worth £35, and as we ended up spending well over that, we got the free dress! It was just a plain black jersey maxi, and as I already have my fair share of those, this one went to my sister, who admittedly looks better in a maxi dress than I ever could! We then went on to Topshop and I went straight for the sale where I got a khaki trapeze-shape shirt dress for £20 and a pale pink maxi for £10, while my sister got two Rare dresses for £10 each. My sister also got a black cropped blazer as well which was full price, it's her 13th birthday in a few weeks so she was being treated, lucky thing!

Anyway on to my outfit, I've been desperate these past couple of weeks to start wearing more of the A/W trends and I tried to incoporate this into this outfit. I had wanted to wear this with an oversized knitted jumper but it was too warm for that (which is definitely a wierd thing to say about the climate in England!) So instead I paired this dress I got from Matalan which I'd mentioned in this post with a crop top I got in a Topshop sale a while ago. I haven't worn this very much as the shape is kinda funny, but I really love the studding detail on the shoulders, and I thought it worked pretty well with the dress. I also wore my Topshop wedge boots out today and paired them with grey socks. I'd kinda hoped it would stop them from rubbing but it didn't sadly, I think I'm going to have to either layer up a couple of pairs of socks to stop them from rubbing or try out the technique of putting plasters on your feet where it rubs, soaking your feet in water and then wearing the shoes so that the leather moulds to the wet plasters, because I love these shoes so much and I want to wear them so much more!

Dress - Matalan
Top - Topshop
Bag - ASOS
Socks - H&M
Wedges - Topshop

P.S. Tomorrow is my A-Level results day and I am really scared about it right now! I never usually get so scared about results but this year has been a real struggle for me and I have worked SO hard, so I will be pretty devastated if I've done badly. It's not that I won't get into uni if I don't do all that well as I don't really need that many UCAS points to get in because of the nature of the fashion course, but I have such high standards for myself that anything less than a B will be really devastating! I got all A's last year so I'm hoping that'll keep my grades up, but the feeling of uncertainty is really starting to get to me now!


  1. Love the fierce outfit with the studs and piled on jewellery, you really know how to put a good outfit together :) Good luck with the results! What fashion course are you going to be doing in uni? :) xx

  2. I love the shop joy its a right little gem.
    you look lovely aswell :)
    perfectnoseclub (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. Great post.

    I hope your results were what you were hoping for..? :)


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