Tuesday, 7 September 2010

english country

This is what I wore on Sunday, I went to Harrogate with my mum to do some vintage shopping as I have a mini project to do for uni which involves finding a vintage/antique/thrift piece of clothing which has elements of interesting textiles, knit, embroidery or embellishment to then draw and use as inspiration for the textiles module that we start in the second week of uni. Sounds reasonably simple, but when you're as perfectionist as I am, finding an appropriate garment which has a number of these features along with it being complex enough to inspire whatever it is that we're going to be doing is actually really hard! So even though I went to a vintage fair and 2 separate vintage shops, I didn't find anything that seemed right, although it wasn't all awful because I did get a very nice faux fur coat at the vintage fair for £19! Bargain!

Anyway on to the outfit, I decided I wanted to go for a bit of an English countryside look, but still with a bit of my own touch on it, so I wore my mum's old cable knit jumper with my floral cullottes along with my heeled lace-up boots that I wore with a pair of cream socks. I quite like the effect of the cream socks with the black boots as it kind of looks a bit like a shearling-trim, well, from far away anyway!

Jumper - Vintage
Shorts - Dorothy Perkins
Boots - Schuh
Socks - New Look

Monday's outfit and the result of two days of vintage shopping to come tomorrow!


  1. lovely look! the jumper is just fab! i want a nice chunky knitted one for winter so badly! all the topshop ones are hideously overpriced!

  2. I love the knit jumper with the skirt! :)

  3. Ah i love Harrogate! Such a pretty place. I do my degree at the college :)
    Nice outfit xo

  4. Lovely outfit, I seriously adore your style! xx


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