Thursday, 9 September 2010

how do they do it?

This was Monday's outfit, as I mentioned in my previous post I had no luck in finding the right garment for my uni project on Sunday so I had to go into Leeds on Monday as a last resort to find something! I ended up wearing heels for a third day in a row and god did I regret it! Why is it that all these other bloggers can wear heels every day and not grimace in pain in all their photos? I even wore my "comfiest" wedges that I've worn on quite a few nights out and haven't had much trouble with, but I literally had to be helped round by my mum! They broke as well which was pretty annoying, but to be fair they were only £20 from Matalan and can probably be fixed quite easily really. I'm so disappointed in myself for not being more hardy about it and just moving through the pain like any good fashionista is supposed to, but it was really painful and I had a considerable amount of blisters as well! I will not let it put me off my heels though, and I'll keep wearing them and hope that one day my feet end up so dead and numb that I don't feel it anymore!

Anyway enough whining about painful feet, and on to my outfit. I wore one of my many Topshop sale purchases, this one is a khaki trapeze-shape shirt dress which I layered with my lace shirt dress. I was going to wear it with just an oversized beige cardi but the weather's still too warm for heavy knitwear strangley, so I went with the lace shirt. I think the colours work really well together as they're both kind of similar in tone. I'd put on my ASOS wedges to take these photos because I couldn't bear to wear the others for any longer, and the ASOS ones actually felt like heaven in comparison! Oh and also, I used my new ASOS bag as well, actually it's not that new as I bought it to use as hand luggage when I went on holiday but then remembered I had a bigger bag that would be more useful, so I hadn't got round to using it since then basically! It was only £11 though, so I don't feel too bad that it's just been sat in my room for a couple of months! 

Dress - Topshop
Shirt - Topshop
Belt - Urban Outfitters
Bag - ASOS
Boots - ASOS

Also thought I'd show you what I finally managed to find after going in about 4 vintage shops in Leeds. It's this really pretty little knitted top with absolutely loads of embellishment, which is meant to be from the 50's I think. I got it in a vintage shop called Upstaged Vintage, the owner there was soooo lovely and helpful, which was so great after a long hard day of traipsing across Leeds into all those different shops and not finding anything!

Look at how pretty it is! On one last note, I have finally started to use Twitter! I've actually had an account for aaages but I just never used it, but I did my first few tweets (tweet, is that right??) today and will hopefully try to keep up with it! So you can follow me here if you want to!


  1. Well I'm glad that someone else has spoken out about the massively high heels on all of my fav bloggers lol! Perhaps numb feet are a rite of passage into womanhood ... almost like Japanese foot binding .... :S

    Just found your blog and love your style, will def look out for that 'Upstage Vintage' the next time I'm in Leeds. Can't wait for you next post x

  2. That knitted top is adorable! haa I dont know how you did 3 days straight in heels, I could never be able to manage that! haha. That dress is gorgeous too! xx

  3. that colour suits you so well & ur hair is perfect
    new follower !

  4. lovely blog. followed!


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