Sunday, 12 September 2010

last minute procrastination

I should really be doing my uni project right about now, but I had these outfit photos from yesterday which I wanted to post so I will do this first and then do my work! As you may be able to tell in the photos, I had my hair cut yesterday, only a very minimal trim mind! I have actually been really considering trying the ombre effect on my hair, so I'd asked my hairdresser if he'd do it for me and although he said he would, he said he was pretty reluctant to as he doesn't want to spoil the natural colour and condition of my hair. And to be honest I don't blame him for being reluctant, as I can have a pretty extreme reaction to anything different that's done to my hair, as I am very particular! What do you guys think, do you reckon I'd suit it?

Anyway, on to my outfit, I had decided to wear my Topshop floral dress and I paired it with this oversized kind of green-grey coloured jumper which I've only worn once before here in a kind of similar way, although I much prefer this combination of colours, this floral print just works a lot better with the colour of the jumper. I also wore this with a new cross necklace that I got from ASOS, I forgot to get any close-up pictures of it, but its made out of a cream bone-like material. I really love it but I'm still on the look out for the perfect oversized gold cross, which I'm hoping I will just one day happen upon in a vintage shop somewhere for a couple of quid! Oh and I wore my wedge boots again today, and it was actually not too painful! I think maybe these wedge boots may be quite comfy after all!

Dress - Topshop
Jumper - Vero Moda
Necklace - ASOS
Bag - ASOS
Boots - ASOS

P.S. This is in fact my 100th post! Woo!


  1. It would look nice but it is a fashion statement after all and it wont be long before something new will come along it would be a shame to ruin your hair and then you have the hassle of growing it out or colouring it again.

    anyway fabulous outfit and very creative layering xoxo

  2. I lov your hair as it is and when you think how long it would take to grow out I wouldn't ... but then again if we never tooks risks we'd all stagnant ... not very useful advice on reflection lol

    Great outfit x

  3. Great blog and congratulations on the 100th post.
    Gorgeous outfit, I love your hair as it is too.

  4. i just ombred the bottom of my hair at home with a highlighter kit. the special conditioner thing that comes with the kit actually made my hair incredibly soft and the dyed bits of my hair actually look healthier. i have naturally frizzy ringlets so i'd totally go for it if you were sure you wanted it.


  5. Love your jumper :) It would go with basically everything I own..!

    Happy 100th post!


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