Friday, 3 September 2010

start as you mean to go on (or not!)

I've been a bit naughty these past couple of days as I've bought two pairs of shoes, when really I should be saving and living on a budget in preparation for moving to uni in just 2 weeks! I really think I'm going to have to completely avoid the high street and all online stores while I'm in Newcastle, or otherwise I probably won't be able to afford to eat. Speaking of which I've actually been cooking for my family a lot this past week, because my mum's been poorly and I also really need the practise ha, and tonight I made the yummiest risotto. It was a recipe from one of those recipe cards you get from Sainsbury's, I always get so excited when I find new ones in store, it feels like I'm a kid and collecting Pokemon cards again or something!

Anyway back to the shoes, first off I got a pair of sandals from Office which were actually a bit of a bargain for £13.50 so I don't feel too guilty about those ones. But I also bought yet another pair of wedge boots from ASOS which were £65, so they were a bit more, but I did use the 15% off code which brought it down to about £55 instead. I justified the purchase with the fact that they're leather and closed-toe so should be perfect for the cold, wet winters of England with thick tights and socks, and should hopefully be quite comfy too so I can get loads of wear out of them!

Office, ASOS

So onto today's outfit, I didn't really do anything particularly interesting today, I just went into town to run a few errands so I went for a reasonably simple outfit. I wore my floral Warehouse midi dress that I'd posted about a while ago here along with my denim gilet, that you've seen on here all too often haha! I also wore my new sandals as I wanted to get a bit of wear out of them before I have to pack them away until next summer!

Dress - Warehouse
Gilet - Vintage
Belt - Urban Outfitters
Sandals - Office

I also now have a student account which means I now have a considerably large overdraft facility which seems to be constantly taunting me at the moment. I do not like how it makes it seem like you have money when you really, really, really don't! How do you all manage to avoid that pesky overdraft, especially when you're a student, or do you all just use it with gay abandon and worry about it later?


  1. I love denim and floral together.) And your wedge boots are gorgeous. I'm sure you'll get to wear them lots :)

  2. You can never have enough pairs of shoe love those wedges great choice xoxo

  3. Hey. Just wondering what accomodation you ended up getting? My blog is being re vamped etc which is why everything has dissapeared! Maybe I'll see you around Northumbria. =)

  4. Such a great blog you have girly! Love your posts. The denim vest gives your outfit such an edge. I'm a new follower, check my blog out if you can:)

  5. Hii Sarah :) I got Quay Point, it looks good I think, but I'm really just glad I got en-suite haha!

    I was going to comment with this on your blog, but then you've obv not got any posts to comment on yet so I had to post it here lol! Hope you get this anyway :)

  6. I looove florals and denim together! And you look adorable :)
    As for the bank account question: I managed to avoid the overdraft facility for almost 4 years (yeah, I'm so proud, haha!)until last year when I studied in Dublin which is sooo expensive compared to my little city in the north of Germany. Blame you Topshop..but it was worth it :D
    I guess managing your money is something you'll learn with time..just try to convience yourself that an overdraft is for emergencies only (and I mean it, literally) worked for me!
    Good luck with your move!

    Love, Diana


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