Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Yesterday's outfit was a similar combination to the first outfit in my last post. I wore my new Primark jacket again paired with another floral dress, this time one from ASOS that I bought in the sale last week which my parents brought up for me when they visited at the weekend. I absolutely love this dress, the shape and print are lovely and I completely ADORE the dipped hem at the back. As some of you may have noticed I have actually developed a bit of a thing for dipped hems (some examples here and here) but this one is definitely my favourite one yet. The shape is just perfect, it has lovely, slightly frilly sleeves as well as a cute cut out detail at the back which I unfortunately forgot to photograph, but it's such a gorgeous, comfy dress that I felt really good in, which is the most important part really!

Dress - ASOS
Jacket - Primark
Belt - Urban Outfitters
Necklace - ASOS
Bag - Luella

Anyway, I'm much happier with my photos this week and I think I am definitely going to stick to using Photoshop to edit them next to each other like this, as well as just generally improve the colour/get rid of my university-lifestyle-induced dark rings beneath my eyes as well haha!

Also, just wanted to say great big hello to all my lovely new followers and everyone who has been commenting, you guys really make my day and I'm so glad that you're all enjoying my posts! Expect another outfit tomorrow as well as hopefully a few photos of some things I've been doing in class soon!


  1. such a lovely dress! its so flattering on you.
    and i love the lip colour! x


  2. Awh that dress is gorgeous, especially paired with the denim jacket! I so understand what you mean about Uni-lifestyle-induced circles, copious amounts of concealer are currently required for me not to look like a zombie ;) xxx

  3. Love it with the jacket, looks ace xx

  4. I Need That Jacket..Been Looking Everywhere For A Nice & Cheap One!! Dam My Stupid Small Primark..Grr!!
    Lovely Outfit Tho!! x


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