Thursday, 14 October 2010

something old & something (kind of) new

I think I have only ever worn trousers in an outfit post once before on this blog (which was in March here) I suppose it's actually quite an accurate representation of the frequency of which I wear trousers/jeans because I just don't find them as comfy or flattering as dresses and skirts. However I do wear them on the odd occasion and the other day I finally pulled out these khaki peg/harem hybrid trousers I got from a New Look sale probably about 4 or 5 months ago, which I was yet to wear. My reason for not having worn them yet was that, at the time, they were a bit tight on my legs so I was going to lose some weight before I wore them. And although I'm pretty sure I'm the same size now as I was then, they actually seem to fit really well now, so I thought I should really start wearing them more!

Anyway, I decided to pair them with my trusty cable knit jumper which I sort of tucked in at the front and then left untucked at the back, to get a bit of that dipped hem effect I love so much. I also love the fact that this jumper was free off my mum considering a similar style is £48 in Topshop! Having said that I've seen plenty of these sorts of jumpers in various vintage shops, there must have been at least a dozen in Blue Rinse in Leeds when I was there last! Anyway, I then also paired this look with my leather jacket and usual accessories to kind of give it a bit more of a grungy edge, because although I love the muted colour combination, I definitely needed to throw in a bit of black as well!

Jumper - Vintage (mum's)
Trousers - New Look
Jacket - River Island
Belt - Topshop
Boots - Urban Outfitters

Right now I'm really looking forward to going home for the weekend tomorrow as we have a new TV that I really want to check out and I've also really missed playing on the Wii, which is kinda sad but, oh well! I will also hopefully get out of the house at some point and get some pictures that aren't taken in my badly-lit room at uni and then I will also be able to pick up the things I've bought online this past week (namely three new dresses, an army jacket and a replacement for my ASOS cross necklace which broke the other day!) I know that I really should be living on a budget now I'm at uni but all the mid-season sales are just wayyy too tempting!


  1. Lovely outfit hun! I quite want a pair of tailored harem type trousers! xx

  2. Lovely outfit. Loving the trousers. =) I hope uni is going well! Any questions, just ask! x

  3. love this! the textures and also the colour of the trousers. fit.

  4. Hey sweetie just to let you know that you have won the £30 Topshop gift card can you email me with your address xoxo

  5. Love this outfit and what a cute jumper, always great when you get handed down something! x

  6. Loooooooove it :)))))


  7. these trousers look lovely! i own one pair of jeans (used to be two, rip topshop skinnies :'( ) and they're genuinely the only pair of trousers i own...


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