Saturday, 27 November 2010


Nail Polish - Nails Inc X Cadburys Dairy Milk Bliss in Cocoa Bliss
Ring - ASOS

I finally got round to painting my nails again, I have been neglecting them for weeks and it's actually felt kind of bad looking down at my nails and not seeing them coated in some colour or another. I thought I'd try out one of the nail varnishes I won that I mentioned about here. I went for the chocolate brown colour and although I was at first unsure about whether I would like this colour, I actually really love it. In the light it's sort of a combination between brown, black and grey and although its kind of metallic its also kind of matte as well, which I really like. Also it applies SO much better than my other cheaper nail varnishes! But considering it should have originally been like £11 (?) that's kind of a given.

Also I finally invested in a few rings! I bought this cross ring from ASOS a week or two ago and I love it, as well as this one which I'm also wearing now that I haven't got a picture of. I would have liked to have got the double finger cross ring but it had sold out :( I have always had trouble with rings as most don't seem to fit my super-duper chubby fingers but I'm going to do my best to find some that fit me because I really love wearing them!


  1. What a lovely colour and I love your ring, you'll have to do a post once your collection gets bigger.


  2. I've been after this for a while too but I dunno what size to get. What size did you get?

  3. Alex, you can get the double finger cross ring on the mens section. plus 20% off! see my last post!


  4. too bad i always get the sizes wrong everytime i order rings at asos! i'd love a ring like that

  5. I love that post :)))))))


  6. love your ring from asos, it's gorgeous!

    be sure to check out all the giveaways on fashion-train at the moment!

  7. i really wanted to buy this ring but it sold out! boo :(


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