Thursday, 30 December 2010

gold dust

So here's what I wore on Christmas Day. I had a bit of an issue with this dress when I opened it on Christmas morning as I had a good look at it to admire the construction and the lovely flimsy layers of fabrics when I discovered that one of the sleeves had not been sewn into the armhole seam! It was only the outer lace layer on the right sleeve which had been missed but for £95 for a designer collaboration garment, I was incredibly disappointed! I would expect something of a pretty decent quality at that price or at least an efficient quality check as it left the factory!? However because I just loved the dress so much and I knew it had sold out online (pesky Topshop putting it on sale for £50 only days after my parents..sorry, SANTA, got it for me!) I got out my needle and thread and did my best to sew it on without taking the actual dress apart. I imagine I could have done a better job of it with more time/patience but I wanted to get on with the rest of the day and, most importantly have my dinner, so a speedy repair would have to do!

Anyway I wore the dress with my new faux fur tippet from Topshop which was also a Christmas present from "Santa". I think the grey colour of the fur goes perfectly with the dusky pink of the dress and I accessorised with my new rings and my new biker boots. I got these boots a week or so ago and I am obsessed with them. I've been looking for the right pair of biker boots for months now and after trawling practically every site/shop I could think of I finally decided on these from Debenhams by their Mantaray brand. I guess they're not the most interesting of boots but they were exactly what I was looking for in style, shape and detail and for £40 for real leather I can't complain about the price either! The fact that they're super comfy and actually very appropriate for the weather at the moment is also an added bonus!

Dress - Meadham Kirchhoff for Topshop
Tippet - Topshop

Rings (from left to right); ASOS, Topshop, ASOS, Topshop, gift from aunty.
Nail polish: Nails Inc. X Cadbury's Dairy Milk in Cocoa Bliss

Boots - Mantaray at Debenhams

Overall I was pretty pleased with my Christmas outfit this year, and the fact my dress shed glitter around the house making me some kind of oversized, giant Christmas fairy was actually kind of a cute addition, although it was annoying for my dad who had to hoover it all up in the end!


  1. Gorgeous outfit Alexandra (: That dress is stunning, although tskkk! Can't believe the seams were badly sewn for something that cost so much! I'm glad you had a lovely Christmas, wishing you all the best for 2011! xxx

  2. Lovely outfit - I love the dress but I can't believe it was like that when you got it, I;d have been fuming! x

  3. One of my fav outfits of yours! Just love the fur and lace together!

  4. Such a beautiful dress Alexandra! I hope you've had a lovely Christmas, and the dress slip up wasn't too much hassle :) x

  5. wow! you look amazing in that dress, it's so pretty x

  6. So chic! I love the lace and the fur touch.

  7. Dress is gorgeous you look like a snow princess in those colours with the fur!!

    Shame about the seam you should of took it back and said you really still want the dress but not for £95 if its not made properly you may have got a discount at least?


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