Monday, 7 February 2011


Just thought I'd let you guys know that I now have a tumblr. I'm mainly going to use it for uni based things, research and inspiration, like a sort of online sketchbook. I may also throw in the odd bit of generic fashion posting as well, but at the moment I'm gonna concentrate on the uni work side of things. If any of you are interested in my inspiration and ideas then you are more than welcome to follow!

Also just wanted to apologise profusely for how shitty I've been at posting, every time I've planned on taking outfit photos something or other has got in the way, which is really annoying as there are loads of outfits I've worn that I really want to post here! Anyway I promise I'm going to be better and post as much as I can. Hopefully I'm also going to start doing some more photo diary type posts, so look out for those soon as well!

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