Wednesday, 30 March 2011

paris photo diary


1: the Seine; 2: random lovely building; 3-4: ornate gate at the Palais de Justice; 5: more buildings; 6: the Seine again; 7-9: one of the bridges along the Seine had all these padlocks along it marked with peoples names; 10: le Grand Palais; 11-12: Gucci and Elie Saab store at the other end of the Champs-Elysees; 13: couple of guys spotted on the Champs-Elysees, I love his worn leather trench; 14-16: more Champs Elysees; 17: some street dancers near the Arc de Triomph; 18: sneaky street style shot, love the fur detail on her coat; 19-20: the Arc de Triomph; 21-23: the Givenchy store on Avenue George V, now desperate for a Givenchy bag; 22: the house of YSL; 23-24: Parisian vintage shopping; 25: vintage aviator jacket for 120 euros, serious WANT; 26-27: more vintage shopping; 28: me (obvz); 29-30: Pompidou Centre; 31: rooftop cafe in the Pompidou Centre; 32: went vintage shopping in Paris, instead bought a top from American Apparel; 33-35: the Eiffel Tower at night; 36: me and some of the girls on my course on our last night in Paris!

Serious overload of pictures here, I apologise for any difficulties in loading them all! We spent more time in Paris than in London so that obviously meant more opportunities for tourist-y photography. As you can see, I have more proper street style photos of guys than I do of women, it just felt a lot less scary approaching men to ask for their photo than asking women really! There were so many girls I would have loved to have photographed though, but it was just really daunting to go up and ask them so I just ended up taking sneaky ones instead like some crazy, stalker person.

Also as you can see we visited the house of Yves Saint Laurent, purely by accident mind, as we went inside thinking it was a store to find two very scary French women just sat behind desks in an empty reception area.  We asked if it was a store, they just said "non" and looked at the door. That told us! The Givenchy store next door was completely amazing though, I am now totally craving one of their beautiful black leather bags, much more so than any Alexander Wang or Mulberry bag, although I would also put up with a Proenza Schouler PS1, kthnx. We also went in the Balenciaga store on the same street which was really amazing as well.

The vintage shopping in Paris was prety impressive, the bargain bins with pieces for 1-3 euros were an experience to say the least! However I didn't really spot anything I just had to have, besides the aviator jacket, even though it isn't really "on-trend" anymore anyway, so I decided not to invest in anything. No, instead I just spent my money in American Apparel on an overpriced top, which albeit lovely, probably wasn't the best way to spend my money really. But at the time my reasoning was that it would be better value for money to buy it in France than in the UK because of the exchange rate, and it was a lovely coral-pink colour and my wardrobe has been seriously lacking in colour of late so I caved. Oh well!

We also went to the Pompidou centre which was another interesting experience. We started by going all the way up to the rooftop cafe for a drink and basically spent the entire time we had to look around the gallery there instead because the service was SO SLOW! Literally it took an hour to get a couple of cups of tea and a coffee because we were being served by these waiters who were basically male models, and as much as they were lovely to look at, they weren't exactly efficient. So instead of getting to see the art we just got a cuppa and left which was a shame as I would have loved to have been into at least a few of the galleries!

Aside from the odd slip-up though, I had a really amazing time in Paris, it is definitely an impressive city that everyone should visit at least once in their life, and hopefully I can go back again and visit even more of the sites that I didn't get the chance to see!


  1. picture 24! i got my fur coat in that vintage shop; wonderful vintage shop.

  2. Love these images! I'd be really scared to ask for street style images too haha :) x

  3. Paris always looks so pretty in photos and yours are no exception! I would be TOTALLY intimidated by the scarily chic French women too :P

    Maria xxx

    P.S. I like your dress, it's very pretty :)

  4. ahh SO jealous. looks like you had loads of fun. :) x

  5. love your pics!!! awesome
    kisses from buenos aires

  6. Hi!!
    I really like your blog,
    I follow you :D
    ... maybe if you want, you could visit my blog too
    ( I hope you like it ;) )

  7. Alexandra, thanks!
    charmingly magic photos, or magically charming.

    I loved your girl's drawing (sketch)

    But I came here by searching "everybod else's".
    It is the male's status description in profile and I am not sure that I correctly understand it is meaning.

    Does it mean "He belongs to everybody else" or "Hу is not he but everybody else"?


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