Friday, 27 January 2012


Dress: Staple via ASOS; jacket: River Island; bag: Accessorize; skull necklace: Topshop; cross necklace: Urban Outfitters.

I have a real thing for shirt collars at the moment. Theoretically, I shouldn't really suit a buttoned up collar, as I have a reasonably sizeable chest and an annoyingly chubby, round face, but I find that I strangely kind of suit the buttoned up look and the cut on this dress means that the collar sits at just the perfect height. The dress was another of my well-planned sale purchases from ASOS some time last year, I'd loved it ever since it appeared online, although at originally £85 it was a bit steep. So I naturally waited around with it sat in my Save For Later list until it went down in price to a measly 22 quid. It's pretty much my go-to dress when I feel like being comfy/simple as the loose, maxi shape is very forgiving. The only issues I've had with it are that the fabric is a slightly annoying crinkly texture so it can look as though you haven't ironed it in a while, plus it's gone a bit bobbly where my bag sits on my hip but other than that it's probably one of my favourite dresses ever, which is saying a lot. I only wish I'd got it in black as well!

And no, don't worry about me freezing my bum off only wearing this with a lightweight jacket in the middle of winter as these photos were taken back in November when the weather was a lot milder and I could get away with only a few layers. I can't wait until its spring again and I don't have to worry about coats and scarves and gloves anymore!

Finally, it's my blogs 2 year anniversary on Monday so I am hoping to finally hold a little giveaway for all you lovely people who've kept following all this time, as well as all of you lovely newbies as well, so watch this space!


  1. Wow that's a really great dress, so unique! Very lovely :)

    Drea xo

  2. Loving the outfit and the skull necklace.
    Claudia xxx

  3. I adore your blazer and necklace, Alexandra! So beautiful, congrats on two years as well sweet (:

  4. you look amazing... i love how those two colours compliment each other



  5. Love your blog !!!!! Your look is amazing !

  6. that dress is a pretty cool length, really different. in a good way. happy 2nd birthday


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