Friday, 30 March 2012

it ain't like that anymore

 Dress: ASOS; body chain: Diva @ Miss Selfridge; bag: Aldo; boots: ASOS.

This week's nice weather (twenty-odd degrees in March? Must be the end of the world) has meant that I've dug out the obligatory sundress, although I'm still not ready to lose the tights just yet. I obviously had to make it that bit more interesting by pairing it with the neon bag and studded body chain, plus my now mandatory purple lipstick. I wore this earlier in the week for my weekly trip to the hospital followed by a wander into town in which I remembered why it is that I very rarely go shopping in Halifax for anything other than toiletries or maybe a pasty. The inability of River Island/New Look/Topshop to stock anything other than predictable jersey basics and anything over a size 10 is kind of offensive. I reckon from now on I'll stick to buying my clothes online and during an occasional trip into Leeds/Manchester. If I'm honest having lived literally 2 minutes from the centre of Newcastle for the year I was at university has left me feeling pretty disappointed with my local town/city centres. The fact that I was within walking distance of well-stocked high street stores, numerous department stores and everything in between has left me pretty spoiled. As much as living in Newcastle had its drawbacks, I would say that the shopping there was pretty decent and I really do miss it from time to time.

On another, less ranty note, in case you missed my last post in which I in no way beg for a PS3, it is my 20th birthday in two days and it only really dawned on me the other day that this means I will officially no longer be a teenager! I know some people say your teenage years should be the best of your life, and it does make me sad to think that I will no longer be able to use the "I'm a teenager" excuse, but I really won't miss it. At all. Anyone else feel the same about turning 20, or is it just me?


  1. Such a gorgeous dress, I absolutely love the body chain with it though, it really toughens the look up and ties everything together (: I know just how you feel with shopping disappointment - my hometown pales in comparison to Southampton where I live in the City centre, and where I spend so much of my free time in London. Pretty good for saving money in some respect though! xx

  2. Love the purple lipstick on you really suits you. The body chain is awesome with the summer dress. When I turned 20 I just told people I was 20teen then I was still a teenager :) any milestone birthday is a hard one tho xoxo

  3. I love the dress, and the bodychain looks really good with it!

    Laila x


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