Sunday, 11 March 2012

on edge

Jacket: Boohoo; dress & skirt: In Love with Fashion; wedges: ASOS; ring: Miss Selfridge; watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs; bracelets: various; nails: 17 Lasting Fix in Pink Grapefruit; lipstick: Mac Lipstick in Cyber.

This is the sort of outfit that I wish I could wear every single day. Layered oversized asymmetric pieces and massive heels finished with a flash of colour, it's the sort of look I've always wanted to play with but felt I've never quite had the right pieces and/or confidence to pull it off. Then I suddenly thought to pair my In Love with Fashion's amazing floaty asymmetric pink skirt and their staple high-low hem maxi dress along with my new oversized, long-line Boohoo jacket and I pretty much came out with one of my favourite outfits ever. No joke. Funnily enough though, I wore it somewhere it is likely to have gone pretty unappreciated as it was my sister's school production of Bugsy Malone. Granted my mum, dad and sister were big fans but otherwise the majority of people looked at me like I was a bit mental. Not gonna lie, I did in fact quite enjoy the reactions, I'd much rather look different and challenge people than be a carbon copy of everyone else!

Just on a side note, these outfit photos were much more in the style of much, much earlier posts using my trusty tripod indoors and I was just wondering what style of outfit photos you all preferred to see from me? I keep trying to get family members to take more outdoor pictures but it's difficult to get them how I want them to look when the person taking the picture is a bit of a photography novice (not that I'm any better mind you!) but I've always personally preferred seeing blogs where outfits are photographed out and about and in use, so I've been trying to do more of the same with my photos. However I'd really love to know which style you, my all-important readers, prefer? Is it out and about outdoor photos you'd rather see, outdoor (in my garden) photos using the tripod/family member or are you okay with the fail-safe combination of tripod & indoors photos? Let me know in the comments!


  1. oh wow hun this outfit is total perfection everything works so well together you look amazing xoxo

  2. Really really fabulous outfit - I'm in love with it! Love all the layers and the colour flash with the pink underneath... LOVE ITT!!!!

    Drea xo

  3. Love this look on you. And your hair is giving me full on hair envy. Sometimes I miss having the length..

    Penny x

  4. This outfit is pretty much the best outfit in the history of outfits. You look incredible! Ahhh, how I wish I could do layering!

    Emily Wears Things

  5. Love the outfit , realy love the layering,


  6. I love the colour of your lipstick! <3 and your skirt is gorgeous!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  7. Love you asymmetric skirt and pretty peach nails...
    Great outfit..

    I am following your blog now
    Hope you will follow me back


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