Sunday, 4 March 2012

photo diary #5

1: Sky being adorable snuggled on his toilet-towel (yes, that is a towel on which he does his business when he's hopping around the house. It's normal, honest!) 2: Couple of new magazines I had to pick up to waste away some time while waiting at hospital for an appointment. Absolutely love Zooey Deschanel, although not so enamoured with Alexa Chung... 3: Epic grilled bacon and mushroom sarnies I used to make myself all the time when I was at uni. I have seriously missed these bad boys! 4 & 5: Couple of sets of curtain hold-backs from the good-old Laura Ashley. The beaded ones are for my lovely new pale pink curtains in my room, looking forward to getting them up! 6: Finally got myself some more dance/exercise trousers from Dance Direct, all my old pairs are full of holes and I'm pretty sure the people behind me at Zumba get a flash of my knickers every time I bend down so new ones were necessary. These Papillon ones are my faves, I hope they never stop making them! 7: New HP printer, the old one packed in so we invested in one with wireless and network capabilities, means my sister can print out homework from the other side of the house and not have to get up, which she is currently making good use of! 8: Yesterdays tea of grilled salmon and vegetables with Parmentier potatoes, the family were out so I got to cook for myself which I've actually really missed doing since being back at home. It was ridiculously nommy in case you're wondering!


  1. You have such a cute little bunny!

    Catherine, XO.

  2. D'aw, Sky is such a sweet little bunny! It looks like you've had a lovely few days Alex, you can't go wrong with lots of food, magazine and clothes goodness :D That last photo has made me so hungry! xx


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