Monday, 2 April 2012

photo diary #8

1 & 2: Wouldn't normally show off my, ahem, undergarments but I got this lovely matching set by Freya and they're so pretty I just had to share! 3: The massive lilies in one of mum's arrangements; 4: Sky being adorable, as per usual; 5 & 6: All my beautifully wrapped presents; 7: Birthday cards from the family, a great deal of them are bunny related... 8: A few of my gifts. Sunglasses from Topshop, neon leopard print nail wraps, bunny ornament, Aladdin DVD (in preparation for Disney Land trip, plus I used to want to be Jasmine when I was little); 9 & 10: New lens, mum and dad got me the 55-300mm zoom lens, it's pretty amazing! Although I'm still lusting after the "bokeh" effect that my brother's new 35mm lens can do! 11: £10 Topshop gift card from my lovely sister; 12 Few more of the gifts I got including this Miss Selfridge dress, Laura Ashley bedding, photo frames from Urban Outfitters and Debenhams, plus a bunny nightlight again from Urban Outfitters. Also have the Topshop dress I've been after for weeks on it's way to me in the post. Pretty good birthday if you ask me!

Birthday yesterday means I am now officially 20, so bye bye teenage years! I thought I'd combine my photo diary post with my obligatory birthday present post. I've also got yesterday's outfit shots to post so they should be up in the next day or two. Oh and, y'know, I'm going to Disney Land in a week. No big.

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