Thursday, 17 May 2012


Jacket: Urban Outfitters; jumper: Dorothy Perkins; skirt: Mink Pink; belt; ASOS; bag: Aldo; boots: ASOS.

I told you that you'd get bored of seeing this jumper! Here it is again, but this time I paired it with my Mink Pink maxi skirt which has got to be one of the nicest maxi skirts I've bought in a while. It's just so comfy and easy to wear as well a being a lovely shape and length. It's not often that maxi skirts are actually a proper maxi length on me, being 5' 9" means that most skirts always fall a little short but this one is the perfect length. Anyway this outfit was intended to be quite comfy and casual as I was going to my weekly psychotherapy appointment at the hospital. I'd originally just thrown on the skirt and jumper, but it's been bloody freezing recently so I ended up digging out this army-style jacket I got a year or so ago, seen before here, that I'd kinda forgotten about! I think it works really well with the check skirt, giving it even more of that grungy vibe that I'm always after.

These photo's are courtesy of my mum, she's becoming quite the photographer if you ask me and has been taking some really great photos, much better than I can get just with my tripod and remote set-up! These were taken in Shibden Park again although this time I thought I'd go for the obligatory "surrounded by blossom" shots, after all it is super pretty at this time of year! Plus here's a few bonus shots I took of it myself, again you can't have a blossom related post without photos purely of said blossom!


  1. Gorgeous outfit I love the skirt, and the setting of the photographs is so lovely!


  2. ahhh man, I've being thinking about getting this and you've just sold it to me! haha

    glad you liked the kate bush post!

  3. that skirt is wicked! xx

  4. ohhhhh I love love love this skirt so much!! you look fab!! xx

  5. ooooo your skirt is lovely.

    J x


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