Friday, 11 May 2012


Dress worn as top: Topshop; skirt: vintage (mum's); belt: ASOS; bag: Aldo; boots: ASOS; nails: 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish in Parma Violet & Barry M Nail Effects in Pink. 

The break in the rain last weekend meant a break from being stuck indoors and a visit to another of my favourite places for a walk, RHS Harlow Carr in Harrogate. There's a Betty's Cafe just outside the gardens, where I stuffed my face with their amazing Swiss Alpine Macaroni and a layered chocolate mousse for dessert. I had every intention of photographing them but when I got out my camera I discovered that I'd stupidly left my memory card in my laptop at home so my brother was allocated as the day's photographer and most of these photo's are nicked from him (soz'ard Jonny!)

In terms of my outfit, the other week my mum had dug out this floral skirt from her wardrobe which she actually bought and wore for my christening, so it's basically the same age as me. I figured the blousey floral print would be appropriate for an RHS garden, but of course I had to style it my own way. I thought it would work well paired with a grey marl top and the only one I had that worked with it was my Topshop midi dress, if anything it worked out okay as the skirt is ever so slightly see-through and needed an underskirt anyway so the dress underneath kinda worked in a way. Having said that I think I'd rather pair it with a 90's-esque crop top or maybe an oversized knit. What do you reckon?

Anyway one of the reasons why this place has become a bit of a favourite of mine is that all through my A-Levels it became the go-to place to get photographs of plants/flowers/general greenery. There's been a few updates since my last visit but the little white summer house that became a focal point of a textiles final piece I did back in 2009 was still there looking as super cute as ever. And as you can see my brother's girlfriend, Sarah, and I are pretending to be like little garden pixies and causing mischief. Yep. That's how we roll.


  1. Gorgeous hair, and such a lovely garden!

    Micah x

  2. Beautiful photos! I love the skirt, it looks lovely with the plain grey t-shirt.

  3. The pictures are stunning and that summer house is simply gorgeous and I love that the skirt works so well in this location and also that it is your mums and is as old as you so cute you look stunning btw your hair looks amazing xoxo

  4. Lovely pics!!

    Take care and have a nice week end :)

  5. your make up is so flawless!

    and I'm you newest follower :) follow me back?

  6. your outfit is amazing!!great blog!
    follow!if you want check out my blog!

  7. I love your little summer house, that garden is so cute!

  8. That skirt is amazing!
    You look gorge :)
    love your blog,
    Hannah xo


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