Monday, 7 May 2012

photo diary #11

1: 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish in Tropical Island; 2: Finally joined LoveFilm, although not without using a 2 months free code kindly given to me by my brother's very lovely girlfriend; 3 & 4: Also re-joined the Metallica Club in time to enter for Meet & Greet and/or Snake Pit passes for Download Festival (fingers crossed!). This year's t-shirt print has some spring/summer 2012-appropriate neon pastels going on. Plus this year's package came wth 3D glasses, I wonder what that could possibly mean.... 5: Won a Dorothy Perkins giveaway where I got to choose 2 pieces from their 19nineteen collection. More to come on that later!

Apologies for the lack of outfit posts this past week. I haven't really done anything other than play Resident Evil games and the ridiculously awesome, old-school Lucas Arts classic Full Throttle and just generally slob about for most of last week so that doesn't really lend itself well to quality blog content. But since this weekend has been a bank holiday I figured I'd make more of an effort and get out and take some photos so expect them in the next few days. Anyway hope you've all had a good bank holiday weekend!


  1. I really like these photos!!
    Great post ^^
    Your blog is so cute. Loved it!


  2. Really great post, gotta love LoveFilm!

    Drea @ Drea's Junkyard


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