Sunday, 13 May 2012

photo diary #12

1 & 2: Sale purchases from Urban Outfitters. Got this crop top, floral culottes and this friendship bracelet; 3: Nails in Models Own Jade Stone and Barry M Nail Effects in White; 4: Sky being a cutie-pie; 5 & 6: Today's shopping trip resulted in me picking up this River Island top that I've had my eye on. I think it's a right bargain for £25, it's a really interesting cut in both jersey and chiffon paneling so definitely worth the money if you ask me! 7: More of today's purchases, this time coloured vests from H&M, as I really need some more tops for exercise purposes, plus they're all nice enough to wear normally as well! 8: Another H&M vest top bought today, although this one is from the H&M Fashion Against Aids collection. For £14.99 this is yet another bargain if you ask me! Sorry I couldn't get the whole top in here, I have to crop the images down or the photo layout won't work!

Not exactly the most exciting week, this week! Again I haven't done much other than complete Resident Evil 3 and get myself embroiled in a pinterest argument where I tried to reason with an unreasonable person over the internet. We all know how that one goes. If you follow my twitter feed you'll have seen that the situation affected my mental state a lot more than I would have liked, but, if anything, it has helped me realise that I still haven't dealt with a lot of repressed issues from the past when I've experienced similar internet abuse (c/o!) and generally just how I feel when I do stand up for myself and the guilt/self-hatred that stems from it. That'll be a good one for Tuesday's psychotherapy appointment! On a more positive note, as I had mentioned in the captions, I did manage to get out today to do some shopping and take my mind off things so the outfit pictures from then will be up soon!


  1. Sarah Gledhill13 May 2012 at 23:35

    Loving the nail varnish Alex, it looks amazing! And of course Sky! xxxx

    1. thanks Sarah, you're a sweetheart :) xxx

  2. Cutest bunny rabbit and I love that mint shade. Hope your ok after you argument :) x

  3. love the pics!!like your style girl:)nice blog!

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