Tuesday, 15 May 2012

what now?

Jumper: Dorothy Perkins; top: Dorothy Perkins; culottes: Urban Outfitters; clutch bag: ASOS; ring: ASOS; wedge boots: ASOS; nails: as before.

I think you're going to get very bored of seeing this jumper. It's become my favourite item recently, not only is it super comfy and just right for keeping the unwanted British chill off, I feel like the white is ideal for brightening up an outfit without having to resort to super-bright colour. As much as I love this season's colour and enjoy playing around with it, there's just some days that I don't fancy it, if you know what I mean? Plus I seem to have developed a bit of a thing for all things monochromatic recently anyway. Obviously I still have to add my neon clutch to the proceedings as I now feel like an outfit isn't complete without that good-old flash of neon yellow. 

This was Sunday's shopping outfit anyway. I had detailed the day's purchases in my previous post but these culottes were an online purchase from earlier in the week and I'm really pleased with them. First of all I'm pleased I even managed to fit into a Large at Urban Outiftters as their sizing is notoriously skimpy if you ask me, especially in trousers. Although it doesn't really count here as these are supposed to be super-wide anyway so my big bum and thighs have plenty of room to fill up! Secondly, I think they're actually quite versatile as  they can be styled more minimally like this as well as all grungy with boots and a denim gilet and hopefully a crop top if I can tone up my tummy/back/arms a bit more (apologies for all the body griping by the way, today's just one of those days!)

Also, as you can see, I had donned my massive wedge boots as well. I don't know why but Sunday just felt like a heels day? Do any of you ever have those days?


  1. I loveeeee this! love love it. & the neon clutch. it makes me wanna pair everything with my neon satchel again. also, I really want a british chill.. I feel like the weather here goes from winter straight to summer.. so annoying.

  2. love your style missus.

    followed your comment on my blog to here - saw your from halifax not far from me at all!!! I'll keep you in the loop for an event I'm hoping to do in summer.

    following you now - hope you can continue to follow me!

  3. Great outfit I love the bold pop from the clutch, works so well with the rest of what you're wearing!

  4. The lipstick shade is fantastic! and love the nail varnish too.... pretty blog :)



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