Saturday, 23 June 2012


Dress: Topshop; bag: Accessorize; sunglasses: Urban Outfitters; boots: ASOS.
An outfit worn earlier this week when the weather wasn't absolutely chucking it down, and I wanted to wear something simple and appropriately summery, seen as though sunshine here in the UK is so very rare and you have to make the most of it (flooding in June, why am I not surprised!?) Coincidentally this dress had gone into the Topshop sale for half price (although it's now sold out), which would probably bother me more if I hadn't got this one as a birthday present! Isn't it so annoying when that happens though? Buy something full price only to discover it ended up going on sale for a lot less? I suppose patience is a virtue, after all! Anyway, there are a few things I fancy online in the sale (Topshop and others!) but I'm not sure if I'm going to actually go ahead and fork out for anything yet. I'm sure the more I dither about it the decision will end up made for me when my sizes sell out, but that's probably a good thing considering the current state of my bank balance!


  1. This is so pretty I can hardly stand it! You look amazing! And that lipstick was definitely made for you.

    Emily Wears Things

  2. Gorgeous outfit!! The dress is stunning I love how you've styled it!

  3. You pull off the dark lipstick very well! I have been drawn to the light lilac color all this season but I'm not brave enough to wear it:( You look lovely!

  4. this is amazing! i am absolutely in love with pastel colors right now, and this dress is just perfect:) new follower!!


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